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Sundown podcast image  by writer Michael Dante DiMartino


What if you could travel back in time 100 years and right the wrongs of the past—would you take the risk?


“Sundown: A Time Travel Society Mystery” is a wildly imaginative podcast from Michael Dante DiMartino, the co-creator of the animated classics “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and “The Legend of Korra.” “Sundown” explores the story of a group of teens who go back into the past and uncover secrets about themselves, their families, their town—and America.


17-year-old Darius Hightower (played by Emmy-nominated actor Asante Blackk of “When They See Us”) is just about the only Black person in his small New England town of Norhaven. Adopted by a wealthy white family when he was a baby, Darius has learned to keep his head down and not challenge his family or its history. But when the outspoken Sanaa Starr (played by Emmy winner Storm Reid of “The Last of Us”) transfers to his high school and starts asking questions, Darius re-examines the truth about his ancestors’ involvement in the town’s most infamous murder.


A time capsule from 1920 may hold some clues, but when Norhaven’s most powerful conspire to destroy its contents, it’s up to Darius, Sanaa, and their friends (including “Reservation Dogs” star Devery Jacobs) to investigate what really happened. After a strange incident sends them back 100 years to the scene of the crime, their fact-finding mission becomes life-or-death. Forced to confront their town’s prejudiced past, the teens race against time in order save an innocent man’s life and clear his name.


“Sundown” is a sci-fi mystery adventure like you’ve never heard before.


Now available in Dolby Atmos on Audible.


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